Saturday, 11 December 2010

A lovely end to a rough week!

Well after a hectic week i thought i would pop down to the new Hobby Craft store to pick up a few items and get on with some cards, what a great decision it turned out to be.
A very lovely lady by the name of Lindsay Mason was there doing demo's and apart from being very patient answering my 1001 questions she gave me some invaluable hints and tips.
While chatting about the items i have so far i mention the one rubber stamp i had bought a couple of weeks back, a bauble design that doesn't have an outline, just uses the holly and script to give a shape, and that i really loved but couldn't get it to do quite what i wanted....only to find out it was her very own design! What a co-incidence.
If you want to have a peek this link should get you to it
I managed to loose a couple of hours listening and watching and my poor husband is now worried sick he will be on the streets soon as there wont be room for him in the house if i get everything i want :-)

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  1. Awwww Yvette have already sent you hugs for your rough week but have some more (((hugs)).
    Thats a lovely stamp.
    You really are becoming addicted arent you lol - I find I am addicted to certain things like ribbons, buttons , stickles and my top fav is glamour dust