Monday, 18 November 2013

Ok, I have been very neglectful of my blog, despite my good intensions. I find there are not enough hours in the day with being a full time Mum, grandmother, crafter and worker...until recently when I was made redundant. Who knew finding a new job would be a full time role in itself!! I'm still unemployed, but hopefully that will change soon.
In recent months my son has married, my grandsons are growing quickly (and a joy to spend time with) and I am crafting whenever I can. I am a big fan of Barbara Grey and have many of her stamps, however, like chocolate, a girl can never have too many :-)
As well as watching Barbara on tv and her fantastic DVD's, I have been going along to the Clarity East stamping classes, run by the very lovely Janet. I have learnt so much from the classes and made many new friends into the bargain. The crafting world is certainly full of some wonderful people.
Barbara recently started a blog and I have been following it daily, but been unable to leave any comments. Until today...when I logged on with my laptop rather than the ipad.....problem solved :-)
One of Barbara's posts included a challenge, to get up to speed with the blogging world, and post a link to her blog, so other people can enjoy her posts. The bonus is a chance to to win a fantastic giveaway. It got me thinking it was high time I dusted off my blog, made it feel a bit more loved and got to grips with how it all works.
So here I am, ready to have a good look at what needs updating, what's new in blogger world and to have a peek around the blogs I have previously enjoyed visiting...maybe even find a few more :-)
I suspect my day is about to disappear into blogland, but with the miserable weather outside...why not  :-)
If you haven't already visited Barbara's blog, go take a look, I promise you will love it, the link is on my sidebar


  1. Nice to see you back in blog land Yvette xxx

  2. thanks Caz, hopefully it will be for longer this time...if i can just get on top of how it all works :-)